Central Europeans reflect on life before the fall of the Berlin Wall
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Michal Pazdernik

This is because of the freedom that other people fought for

Prague, Czech Republic, 2009
Czech English

Michal Pazdernik, Medical Student

I never felt communism, it didn’t affect me directly, but I am very much aware of the impact that it had on Czech society. I recently read about the time that Václav Havel was in prison for four years because of his political activities against the regime. The dissidents did not accept the communist thinking and fortunately for us their efforts were successful.  

The younger generation has a lot to be thankful for. We can freely say what is on our minds, we can travel without permission from the authorities and we can study abroad. I was fortunate enough to study in the USA at the Mayo Clinic. This is because of the freedom that other people fought for.

In the end people are clever and creative. They most always see what is best for them. They can make changes and solve problems. This is why I am optimistic about the future. Also, I believe in destiny. We influence what happens, but only a little.   

This interview was in English
Photo by Janeil Engelstad

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