Central Europeans reflect on life before the fall of the Berlin Wall
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We live today, we want to eat today

Budapest, Hungary, 2009
Hungaryan English

Anonymous , Author

The Hungarian society is in trouble.  

When everything was privatized, it was all sold to the West. Very few Hungarians own anything. We are a colony of England, Germany and Austria. The Koreans, they took all of the car factories. We don’t have our own industry anymore or agriculture. Our agriculture was world famous. Unemployment is high. And, the richest 100 Hungarians? They all live abroad.

Without having information we are not informed.  

We don’t know what the political parties really want. There are people who are liars, fascists, dictators, still. They do whatever they want. There is no responsibility.

The government makes many promises. Promises cost nothing. 
We live today we want to eat today.

We were not ready for capitalism. Not ready to handle it. 

The dictatorship before, we could bear that one. Now, there is much more crime. Much more violence. We are the victims and we are the witnesses.

Otherwise nothing has changed. We are still living with Socialism.  

This interview was in Hungarian with the aid of a translator
Photo by Janeil Engelstad

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