Central Europeans reflect on life before the fall of the Berlin Wall
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Ivan Hapco

If we want change it is up to many
of us to come together

Bratisalava, Slovak Republic, 2009
Slovak English

Ivan Hapco, Student, 19 years old

We all in Slovak Republic should be thankful for the revolution in a way. If it weren’t for that we wouldn’t be sitting here talking like this. I wouldn’t be able to travel or go to my school [Evangelical Lycenm). But, communism had its purpose too. Everything is connected. One historical event leads to another.  

I don’t think that we are 100% free. We can say what we want, but it doesn’t matter because no one cares. We have no power as individuals. If we want change it is up to many of us to come together. I don’t believe in 100% free speech. I don’t think that it is right to say certain things about people. Racist things.

I hope that we can solve the problems for climate change. But for this to happen everyone has to change his lifestyle. We are all responsible. People think that it has nothing to do with us, but in a few years the problems that the third world countries are experiencing, such as lack of water, will be here if we don’t start paying attention to how we use our resources.

After university I want to travel and see the world. Then I will return to my country.  Many people go away and do not come back. But, I like it here why should I abandon my country? It has given me a lot of things in 19 years. I want to come back and help to make my country strong. A little bit of nationalism isn’t so bad.

This interview was in English
Photo by Janeil Engelstad

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